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Palestine Action Shuts down Israeli Weapons Elbit Factory in Staffordshire

Palestine Action, a pro-Palestinian protest network that works to effectively disrupt and halt arms dealers that provide weapons for the “Israeli” regime’s ongoing onslaught in Gaza, has successfully shut down Elbit in Tamworth, Staffordshire. 

Elbit, which is an “Israeli” based international weapons maker, was “forced to sell due to increased security costs which cut their profits by 75%” according to a written statement from Palestine Action. 

Elbit’s factory was severely disrupted after Palestine Action proactively protested in occupying their roof, dismantling their site and removing tiles resulting in rain damage inside of the building.

When the new owners claimed the property, they allegedly confirmed with Palestine Action that the factory is no longer associated with Elbit and “have discontinued all arms manufacturing contracts.”

Palestine Action then confirmed that every activist that dismantled Tamworth’s “Israeli” weapons factory did so in solidarity with the Palestinian people by trying to bring an end to the “Israeli” regime’s weapons trade.

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