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Israeli Airstrike Kills 38 People in Syria, Could Cause Wider Regional War

The Syrian Ministry of Defense confirmed an “Israeli” airstrike took place in the Aleppo countryside of Northern Syria resulting in the murder of several civilians and soldiers as well as damage to public and private property. The airstrike is believed to have come from Athryia, southeast of Aleppo.

38 people, including 5 members of the Lebanese Resistance group were also killed. Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, expressed Moscow’s condemnation of the relentless “Israeli” aggressions on Syria, noting they could cause a wider regional conflict. 

Russia is increasingly concerned about the escalating “Israeli” airstrikes against Syrian cities, slamming the “Israeli” regime’s acts of aggression in Syria as “irresponsible.”

He then said the attacks were a “flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty and the basic norms of international law” and warned of their serious negative consequences for the timely humanitarian response of UN agencies.

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