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Nicaragua to File Genocide Case at the ICJ Against Germany, the UK, Netherlands and Canada

Nicaragua is seeking to drag Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Canada to the ICJ, issuing dire warnings of involvement in the genocide against the people of Gaza.

Nicaragua plans on bringing a case against Germany, Canada, the UK, and the Netherlands to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on counts of providing arms aid to the Israeli regime.

In a statement, the executive authority in Nicaragua alerted the Western countries against their potential complicity in “flagrant and systemic violations” of international humanitarian laws and conventions.  

Nicaragua called on the four states to immediately cease the provision of arms, munitions and technologies since the Occupation entity is bound to utilize them to “violate the Genocide Convention in Gaza.”

Last month, South Africa was hailed for their heroic stand for the Palestinians after accusing the Israeli regime for acts of genocide.

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