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Japan and Belgium Terminate Contracts with Israel’s Elbit Systems

Belgium’s region of Wollonia, has temporarily halted two arms export licenses to the Israeli Regime on Monday Feb. 5 citing the ICJ’s verdict against Israel brought forth by South Africa which ordered the occupation entity to avoid a genocide in Gaza.

Officials said that the decision was due to “the unacceptable deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.”

Belgium’s decision follows shortly after a group of NGO’s wrote an open letter to Walloon Minister President Elio Di Rupo to immediately suspend arms exports to the Israeli Regime.

Japanese company Itochu Corporation has also announced that its collaboration with the occupation entity’s giant weapons company Elbit Systems will be terminated by the end of February with the Japanese company also citing the ICJ’s interim decision. 

The Israeli regime has kill.ed more 27,0000 Palestinians in Gaza, wounding over 67,000 others with an additional 7000 believed to be dead or buried under the rubble.

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