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Mcgill University Votes in Favor of a Pro-Palestinian Policy

In the wake of Canada’s unwavering support for the Israeli regime, students of Mcgill University in Montreal have voted in favor of a pro-Palestinian policy. 

The board of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) is required to approve it before it comes into effect.

78.7 percent of the 8,401 students who participated showed their support for Palestine by voting in favour of the “Policy Against Genocide in Palestine.” The policy demands that the university immediately “cut ties with institutions, corporations and donors complicit in Zionist atrocities,” Palestinian Youth Movement said. 

However, Mcgill University said in a statement that if adopted, the policy will “sharpen divisions in their community at a time when many students are already distressed.”

“McGill’s leadership team has been working diligently over the last weeks to keep our campus discourse safe and responsible and to put in place measures to support students and colleagues who feel especially vulnerable and hurt at this time, notably those who are Muslim, Jewish, and Arab,” the statement reads.

“We operate by mandate and if our mandate is to take a stand on this against McGill, that is what we will do,” president Alexandre Ashkir wrote.

“This policy will be sent to legal review before being presented to the Board for ratification, only at which point, if the Board votes to ratify, would the policy be in effect.”

Ashkir further stated that the number of students who took part in the vote was higher than for the student protests in 2012. 

B’nai Brith Canada, an organization committed to the “continuity of the Jewish people and state of Israel” has reportedly taken legal action to halt the policy from being adopted.

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