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Israel Ignored GPS Location Provided by US to Prevent Strikes on Humanitarian Aid Groups

The Biden administration has reportedly been providing the Israeli Zionist Regime with the location of humanitarian groups on ground in the Palestinian territory for weeks at stretch in a quest to prevent strikes against their facilities. 

The Israeli occupation regime, however, seemingly paid no heed and continued to attack such sites. 

The information consisted of GPS coordinates of several medical facilities and information on movements of aid groups in Gaza to the Israeli government for around a month, according to three people acquainted with the communications.  

Despite this, the Israeli regime continued its attack on hospitals, and even blocked food alongside other critical supplies. However, no such reports of the U.S compiling a “no-strike” list were found.

“It could be that the Biden administration is trying behind the scenes … but they probably aren’t getting anywhere. When the Israelis feel that they’re in an existential threat situation, the amount of American leverage drops,” said Robert Ford, a former U.S. diplomat who served in the Middle East, including under President Barack Obama.

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