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Marriott Cancels Pro-Palestine Event Planned Almost a Year Ago with a Week Notice

The Marriott Coral Springs Hotel and Convention Center has canceled a Pro-Palestine Conference organized by the South Florida Muslim Federation a week before the event was scheduled citing “significant undesirable interest.”

The “family-focused conference,” sought to assemble the region’s mosques, charities and political advocacy groups. The SMF had reportedly booked the venue almost a year before, expecting hundreds of attendees, a number of elected Florida officials and thirty registered vendors. 

The event was going to feature a poetry contest on Gaza and a youth seminar which was titled  ‘Finding Hope from Our Past.’ 

The SMF has denounced the cancellations as an “Islamophobic campaign” that “shamelessly defamed the entire South Florida Muslim community.” 

The Marriott’s decision comes in the wake of multiple hotel chains canceling events hosted by pro-Palestine groups. 

According to a petition on launched for holding “Coral Springs Marriott accountable for giving in to Islamophobia,” community members say this is an annual gathering and that they have been “denied the right to gather and develop” their community. More than 3,000 people have signed the petition.

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