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30 Year Old Child Abuse Case Emerges Linking to Jewish Chabbad Movement Busted for Brooklyn Underground Tunnels

In the wake of the mysterious discovery of a secret tunnel under the Brooklyln Synagogue, a center of a Hasidic Jewish movement, distressing links of child sexual abuse dating back 30 years have emerged.

Back in 1991, a prominent member of the Chabad movement, Hirschel Pekkar, admitted to sexually abusing a 5 year old girl. Pekkar faced no legal charges despite confessing the crime himself. The rabbinical court, instead of the law, reportedly intervened and granted him counseling. The case has now resurfaced after the recent harrowing discoveries, shedding light over the questionable Chabad movement’s acts and intentions.

A riot broke out at the synagogue when Jewish students tried to halt the NYPD and construction workers from sealing the tunnel, which they claim was designed to connect the synagogue to a Jewish ritual bath site. 

The confrontation has also led to several arrests, intensifying the magnitude of the situation.

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