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Lebanon Fires Barrage of Rockets on Israeli Bases and Troops, Causing Massive Damage

The Lebanese Resistance has sent tremors across the Israeli regime following its new series of massive pro-Palestine operations by its fighters, against Israeli bases and troops. 

The retaliatory attacks were carried out in solidarity with Palestine and the Palestinian Resistance as well as a response to Israeli attacks on southern Lebanese towns and villages. 

The group revealed that its Resistance fighters attacked the Biranit barracks (Headquarters of Division 91) with massive Burkan rockets and aimed accurately, burning and partially destroying it. The Lebanese Resistance confirmed that the operation was in response to the Israeli regime’s assault on the southern Lebanese town of Maroun al-Ras. 

The Lebanese resistance further attacked the al-Baghdadi site with huge Burkan rockets and managed a direct hit, another response to the occupation entity’s aggression on the town Aitaroun as well as the Ramot Naftali settlement with a rocket barrage. 

The group then confirmed that its fighters launched an aerial assault with drone strikes targeting Iron dome launchers in the al-Zaoura base, with their installations and positions achieving accurate targets leading to damages and fires, the attack in response to the Israeli regime’s attacks on the Houla square. 

The Israeli Shomera settlement, which is an occupied Lebanese village of Tarbikha, was attacked with the right weapons, resulting in a direct hit. This attack was a retaliatory attack on Maroun al-Ras.

Additionally, the May’an Baruch site with rockets and artillery shells, and the al-Ramtha site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Chouba Hills with rockets, successfully achieved their incentive. 

The Israeli regime reacted violently, targeting civilian areas, such as the towns of West Baalbeck in the Beqaa, Hanaweih, Bint Jbeil, Baraasheet and Ramia.

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