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Israel Sees Largest Anti-Government Protest in Tel Aviv Since October 7

Tens of thousands of Israelis have flocked to the streets of “Tel Aviv,” pressuring their government to accept a deal outlined by US President Joe Biden, in the wake of two far-right ministers threatening to resign if the proposal is approved, while simultaneously calling for the resignation of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the immediate release of Israeli hostages. 

The deal will facilitate the release of the remaining Israeli hostages captured on Oct 7, a number of whom were killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, “in return for a gradual withdrawal of Israeli troops from the besieged enclave of Gaza” while failing to mention the release of more than 7000 Palestinian prisoners in “Israel,” most of who were arrested before Oct. 7, 2023. 

This was reportedly the largest demonstration since the beginning of the Israeli’s regime’s war on Gaza that has now killed almost 40,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children. 

“This might be the last chance to save lives,” Gili Roman said.

His sister was released during a Qatari mediated temporary “humanitarian pause” in November 2023. “Our leadership must not disappoint us. But mostly, all eyes should be on Hamas,” Mr. Roman said, a seemingly unpopular copied quote derived from the famous “All eyes on Rafah” statement which has garnered millions of reposts. 

Netanyahu has declared that a permanent ceasefire would not happen before “the destruction of Hamas’ military and governing capabilities” and that this was “a non-starter.”

“We know that the government of Israel has done an awful lot to delay reaching a deal, and that has cost the lives of many people who survived in captivity for weeks and weeks and months and months,” Sharone Lifschitz, an Israeli said.

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