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Lebanese Resistance Targets the Newly Established Israeli Reconnaissance Headquarters

The Lebanese Resistance retaliated to the Israeli regime’s assassinations of their members, where civilians were also injured, earlier on April 17, 2024 when they targeted the headquarters of the newly established “Israeli” military reconnaissance unit of Arab Al-Aramsha, a village of occupied Palestine close to the southern border of Lebanon. 

A number of guided missiles and assault drones were launched and resulted in at least 18 casualties, 1 dead, 3 critically injured, and 14 with light to moderate injuries according to “Israeli” media. In addition, “Israel” claims four of the wounded to be civilians. 

“Israeli” media was quick to point out this attack was carried out without sounding the siren. Additionally, for the third day in a row, the Lebanese Resistance’s retaliatory attacks have resulted in casualties. 

In response to the Lebanese Resistance’s attack, the Israeli regime targeted several areas in north and south Lebanon without resulting in any casualties.

When asked about the presence of residents at the border village, the head of the settlement, Adiv Zaev, said “after three months of evacuation, none of the residents were given any financial aid, and as a result, most returned to the village.”

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