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Lebanese Resistance Kills Israeli Soldier and Wounds Several Others with Suicide Drone, Targets Iron Dome

An Israeli soldier was declared dead while 11 were wounded in a suicide drone attack by the Lebanese Resistance on a military position in Hurfeish, northern “Israel.”

The strike was reportedly one of the deadliest launched by the Lebanese Resistance against Israeli forces since the beginning of the barrage of constant attacks by the Israeli regime on Oct. 7, and retaliatory attacks by the Lebanese Resistance in solidarity with Palestine and the Palestinian Resistance. 

The Israeli army was left wondering why sirens failed to sound in anticipation of the attack, as drones sent by the Lebanese Resistance army have time and again surpassed the Israeli regime’s “advanced” Iron Dome air defense system. 

The Lebanese resistance revealed the attack was in response to an Israeli strike in Naqoura, South Lebanon, in the wake of a sharp rise of attacks from the Israeli regime with the Lebanese Resistance gaining momentum in its powerful retaliatory attacks, targeting the northern coastal cities of Acre and al-Nahariya for the first time in months, while constantly striking military sites with drones and heavy rockets. The Lebanese resistance’s attacks continue to escape the Iron Dome System, leaving the Israelis baffled as they once believed the multi-million dollar defense system was highly reliable. 

The Lebanese group had also released a video displaying a successful drone attack on an Iron Dome battery, with the Israeli military denying any damage. 

Over 100,000 residents of Northern Israel are reportedly displaced while 94,000 residents were displaced in South Lebanon.

The Lebanese Resistance has also affirmed that they do not want a full-scale war, but are fully braced for one, the costs of which will be very high for “Israel.”

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