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Largest NATO Exercise to Take Place Next Week Since Cold War

NATO has announced that all 31 member states and candidate Sweden will launch the “Steadfast Defender 2024” military exercise next week. 

This will continue until May and will witness the attendance of around 90,000 troops, at least 1,100 combat vehicles, 80 warplanes, and 50 warships.

“Exercise Steadfast Defender 2024 will be the largest NATO exercise in decades, with participation from approximately 90,000 forces from all 31 Allies and our good partner Sweden,” Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) General Christopher Cavoli said on Jan. 18. 

The US official cited that the colossal drills “will demonstrate [NATO’s] ability to reinforce the Euro-Atlantic area via trans-Atlantic movement of forces from North America” and that the troops would simulate “emerging conflict scenario against a near-peer adversary.”

The UK has confirmed that it will send 20,000 armed forces personnel to partake in the NATO drills while neighboring Germany has said the country is “bracing for hostilities with Russia,” which could arise by summer 2025. 

This time around, NATO has reportedly conducted exercises which draw a similarity from the cold war in 1988 with 125,000 participants.

The massive set up of Nato troops comes in the wake of US’ support for Ukraine faltering while heavily funding the Israeli regime on its war on Gaza.

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