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Largest Hospital Treating 7,000 Civilians in Gaza Ordered to Evacuate

Israeli forces have given an ultimatum to doctors, patients and displaced people at Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, ordering them to evacuate the compound within an hour. 

A doctor from the Al-Shifa hospital has deemed this “impossible” as the medical center, which has been heavily bombarded and besieged for days at stretch by the Israeli Regime, still holds roughly 7000 people including patients who are in dire need of treatment and medication.

At least 300 patients in Al-Shifa are in critical condition and 35 premature babies are currently out of their incubators following a lack of both oxygen and electricity.

Transportation is also unavailable due to a severe shortage of fuel. The Palestinians are apparently expected to evacuate on foot which is impossible considering the large numbers of people trapped within the hospital. 

There has been no food, water, electricity and oxygen for at least a week in the Al-Shifa hospital, which is surrounded by Israeli Occupation troops and tanks. Several raids were conducted by the Israeli Regime, killing dozens of people including patients. 

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