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Harvard Suspends Black Man for Shielding Pro-Palestinian Students

Harvard has come under fire after reportedly evicting a black residential advisor Elom Tetty-Tamaklo, over the issue of Palestine. Tamaklo was allegedly shielding students from an instigator who tried to “dox them.” 

A senior university leader even called Tamaklo a “gang” member, hinting at his race and then pointed to his residence in Harvard Yard. The University instead suspended Elom as a residential advisor citing “student discomfort.”

Reports stated that the allegation was a lie, as none of his students have raised any concerns. Critics say that Harvard has been displaying acts of bigotry when it comes to Palestine, as lack of freedom of speech within the university is now a growing concern.

Harvard PSC, the Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee, took to X formerly Twitter to express their dismay saying, “We demand Elom be immediately reinstated. How are we supposed to call out the genocide in Gaza, including the ongoing destruction of the Al-Shifa Hospital, when Harvard actively suppresses our voices?

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