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Jerusalem Rabbi Gets Only Nine Months of Community Service After Enslaving 30 Women in His “House of Horrors”

A rabbi of Jerusalem accused of enslaving 30 women in a home named the “house of horrors,” has pleaded guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a lax sentence.

Aharon Ramati, the notorious Rabbi, was initially charged with enslavement, minor assault and  obstruction of justice alongside other charges, but reportedly managed to reach a plea agreement despite “holding people in conditions akin to slavery,” according to sources.

The deal came with a rather light sentence of only nine months community service and $34,000 in damages owed to his victims.

11 of the women enslaved by the Rabbi refused to testify against him due to the trauma of facing him again.

Ramati began luring women back in 2008 by depicting himself as a pious and religious leader who knew the true path to salvation.

He invited the women to live in his home where he then forced them to live with no hot water, and to sleep on dirtied mattresses.

The rabbi even charged the women about $220 per month for a bed in the house, or around $170 per month to share a mattress with another resident. 

The rabbi would then issue harsh punishments such as forcing the women to burn their fingers in fire or making them eat hot peppers, in a quest to “stimulate hell.”

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