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Georgia Board Upholds Firing of 5th Grade Teacher who Read Children a Book About Gender Identity

The Georgia board upheld the firing of fifth grade teacher Katie Rinderle for reading a book about gender identity, “My Shadow is Purple,” to her class. She was fired in August, and went on to file an appeal the next month. What ensued was a back and forth between parents and the board of education about what public school teachers were allowed to teach in the classroom. 

The state board voted unanimously to affirm the Cobb County School Board’s decision citing the 2022 decision on barring the teaching of “divisive concepts” and creating a parents’ bill of rights. 

Georgia law gives either Rinderle or the school district 30 days to appeal the decision in Cobb County Superior Court. Rinderle and the Georgia Association of Educators are now currently suing the district and its leaders on grounds of “discrimination” on her firing. The complaint suggests that the plaintiffs  “have been terminated or fear discipline under (Cobb’s) vague censorship policies for actively and openly supporting their LGBTQ students.”

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