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Israeli Forces Kidnap Male Civilians, Strip Them Naked and Prepare for their Execution

A chilling video has emerged from the Gaza Strip which shows harrowing scenes of dozens of Palestinian men stripped down in the cold with their heads hanging low as they sit on the bare ground awaiting execution. The Palestinian civilians were arrested from a school in Beit Lahia, north of Gaza Strip. 

An URNWA worker, Hani AlMadhoun stated that one of his brothers and his family were killed by the Israeli Regime and his other brother is now arrested, among the stripped civilians. In the video released by the IDF soldiers, Hani’s brother Mahmoud, who suffers from seizures, is shown in the video under the “blistering cold.”

In another image, the occupation forces are captured kidnapping civilians from shelter schools, compelling them to take their clothes off as masses of innocent people are seated together under the cold with no clothes, while the IDF prepares a mass execution.

Reports of the number of men and boys captured remains unclear, however, some reports state at least a staggering 700 or more have been taken away.

Dia Al-Kahlout, bureau chief of the Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper in Gaza was also allegedly taken, as several social media users identified him through the pictures.

Such acts draw parallels to the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq when the US invaded the country back in 2003. A survivor from the prison stated a similar encounter of humiliation. He was one of the Iraqi men from a photograph that captured a pyramid of naked hooded prisoners at Abu Ghraib which sparked global outrage in 2004.

Two American soldiers, one male and one female, ordered us to strip naked,” al-Majli said. “They piled us prisoners on top of each other. I was one of them.”

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