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GOP Blocks Biden’s $111 billion Military Aid for Ukraine and Israel

Members of the Senate blocked a whopping $111 billion emergency supplemental bill to provide $61 billion to Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel’s assault on Gaza, as well as billions more foe Taiwan. 

Biden had previously warned of dire consequences for Kyiv – and a “gift” to Russia’s Vladimir Putin – if Congress would not pass the measure.

“They’re willing to literally kneecap Ukraine on the battlefield and damage our national security in the process,” Biden said.

All 49 Republicans in the upper channel unanimously voted against the proposal, citing a lack of action on the roughly 10,000 migrants crossing from Mexico into the US everyday. 

“Everyone has been very, very clear on this to say we’re standing firm. Now is the moment,” Senator James Lankford, a lead Republican negotiator on immigration and border issues, told Fox Business ahead of the vote.

“We’re completely out of control at the southern border, and it’s time to resolve this.”

Regarding the overflow of aid for Israel, independent senator Bernie Sanders further voted against the bill which required 60 votes to pass.

The Kremlin celebrated the halt in Congress, hoping lawmakers would continue dismissing the White House’s aid request.

“It is to be hoped that there remain enough people with sober minds among American congressmen,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

Peskov claimed that the White House was trying to “scorch the money of American citizens in the furnace of the Ukrainian war.”

Biden warned that a “victory for Russia over Ukraine would leave Moscow in a position to attack NATO allies and draw US troops into a war.”

“If Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there,” Biden said. Putin will attack a NATO ally, he predicted, and then “we’ll have something that we don’t seek and that we don’t have today: American troops fighting Russian troops,” Biden said.

The White House has even warned this week that funds directed towards Ukraine will run out by the end of this year. 

House Speaker Mike Johnson, who voted against aid to Kyiv before, was designated the post and has clarified that he will not agree to send more money without “transformative” changes to border policy.

“The American people deserve nothing less,” Johnson said in a statement.

Despite the friction over the new funding package, the US has unveiled $175m in aid for Kyiv from the money that has already been approved. It consists of HIMARS rockets, shells, missiles and ammunition.

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