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Israeli Forces Deny Food to Gaza, Show Off Gourmet Meals on TikTok then Get Mass Food Poisoning

IDF soldiers have reportedly been suffering from severe gastrointestinal diseases and food poisoning in the south of the occupation state and especially those stationed in the Gaza Strip.

Several restaurants, food chains and individuals have provided food to the Israeli army since the beginning of the Regime’s onslaught against the Gaza Strip. Doctors assume that poor storage, transportation and preparation may have caused widespread gastrointestinal diseases, severe diarrhea and high temperatures among the IDF soldiers.

“Diarrhea has spread among soldiers in the south [of Israel], across various areas of concentration, and then it spread among soldiers who went to combat in Gaza,” the Israeli Head of the Infectious Disease Unit at Assuta Ashdod University Hospital, Dr Tal Brosh, said. “We diagnosed infections with the Shigella bacteria which causes dysentery, a very dangerous disease that has spread among fighters in Gaza.”

Brosh further stressed that the outbreak of such diseases has affected the overall performance of the Israeli soldiers. “If the infection spreads among 10 soldiers in an infantry company, and they develop a fever after their temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, and they start having diarrhea every 20 minutes, then they are no longer fit to fight and they expose themselves to the risk of death,” he pointed out.

The Israeli Regime continues to starve Gaza by blocking food aid trucks and bombing marketplaces, bakeries, grocery stores, while IDF Soldiers have been showing off a variety of food to the cameras and hoarding on the endless supply of food provided to them.

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