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Citizens Worldwide Participate in Global Strike for Palestine Today

The Occupied West Bank called on a global strike for today, Monday, December 11 2023, in protest of the Israeli’s regimes’ ongoing aggression against Gaza as well as Washington’s refusal to call for a ceasefire. The Occupied East Jerusalem witnessed a complete shutdown of stores, schools and several institutions. People in the streets also reduced drastically.

Jordan also reportedly followed suit. In Amman, one shop owner was spotted displaying a handwritten sign in Arabic that read “Strike in solidarity with our people in Gaza.”

Activists across the globe then unanimously called on for a strike, urging people worldwide on social media to protest the genocide in Gaza. Images and footage of closed stores in Sidon, Lebanon and Istanbul also circulated on social media. 

The strike calls on people to refrain from going to work, school, purchasing goods and utilizing their credit cards for any transactions. It even urged people to lessen their movement and shut down their Facebook and Instagram for the day as part of a combined effort to put pressure on a ceasefire and honor the lives of the over 18,000 people killed in just two months. 

Last week, much to the disappointment of millions of Americans, the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that would have resulted in an immediate ceasefire between the Israeli Regime and the Palestinian Resistance.

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