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Israeli Forces Announce Highest Combat Losses to the Resistance

The Israeli regime has announced its highest combat losses for over a month after an exchange  with the Resistance in the war torn Gaza City. In the wake of mounting diplomatic isolation following the regime’s onslaught on Gaza that has now killed over 18,600 people, the Zionist Regime continues to see heavy losses. 

Intense fighting broke out in the north and south of the enclave as warplanes from the Israeli regime plunged into the Gaza strip a day after 153 countries, excluding the US, voted for an emergency ceasefire in Gaza after the occupation forces killed over 18,600 people in a span of 69 days.

The Israeli regime confirmed that 10 of its soldiers were killed in the last 24 hours, including a colonel and a lieutenant-colonel. Most of these IOF soldiers were killed in the Shejaiya district, North of Gaza City, where troops were reportedly ambushed trying to rescue another group of soldiers who had attacked. 

The Palestinian Resistance says that during the last 72 hours, they completely or partially destroyed 72 military vehicles.  

The IOF has reportedly also withdrawn from Jenin after 3 days of heavy fighting.

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