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Israel Kills Two Al-Mayadeen Journalists in Lebanon

The Israeli regime has reportedly targeted two Al Mayadeen TV journalists and an elderly woman in Southern Lebanon.

“We mourn our colleagues, reporter Farah Omar and photographer Rabih Al-Maamari, who were just killed in an Israeli bombardment in southern Lebanon,” Al-Mayadeen reported on Tuesday morning.

The journalists were targeted by Israeli Occupation Forces shortly after finishing their live broadcast according to the Lebanese news outlet.

Laiqa Sahran, an 80-year-old woman was even killed when an Israeli airstrike hit a civilian home in the Southern Lebanon town of  Kfarkela.

Cross-border attacks between the Lebanese Resistance and the Israeli army are further intensifying since 8th of October.

The Lebanese resistance has reportedly threatened Israeli Regime’s northern settlements placing the areas into “crisis mode.” 

Officials in Washington are reportedly concerned that the Israeli planners are  “trying to provoke the Lebanese resistance despite warnings to the contrary.”

“Some in the Biden administration are concerned Israel is trying to provoke Hez-boll-ah,” two US and Israeli sources told Axios on Monday, adding that there is a belief some in Tel Aviv want to “create a pretext for a wider war in Lebanon that could draw the US and other countries further into the conflict.”

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