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Filmmakers Withdraw From the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam

“Several documentary film-makers withdrew from the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA) following the institute’s stance on their support for the Israeli regime.

At the opening night of the Documentary Filmfestival in Amsterdam, activists took the stage to show solidarity for Palestine with a banner that read  “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” according to media reports.

IDFA and its Artistic Director, Orwa Nyrabia, later issued a statement on November 10, 2023, saying, “That slogan does not represent us, and we do not endorse it in any way. We are truly sorry that it was hurtful to many.” 

“There are many ways that people use or read this slogan and that various sides use it in opposing ways, all of which we do not agree with, and we believe that this slogan should not be used in any way and by anybody anymore.” 

Basma Al-Sharit, a filmmaker, took to social media to announce her withdrawal from the festival as a member of the jury and as a filmmaker.

Reports stated that at least 12 filmmakers withdrew from the festival. 

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