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Israel Kills 61-year-old Imprisoned Cancer Patient by Denying Him Medical Care

The Israeli regime prison service has killed a 61-year-old cancer stricken Palestinian writer, Waleed Abu Daqqa, by deliberately and persistently neglecting his medical needs.  

Abu Daqqa, who was in prison for 38 years, was transferred to Assaf Harofeh Hospital From Ramleh prison, shortly before his tragic demise. 

Abu Daqqa was supposed to be released in February 2023, but “Israeli” authorities extended his prison term by two years despite his cancer reaching advanced stages. “Israeli” authorities denied him permission to undergo a life-saving bone-marrow transplant and refused to transfer him to a civilian hospital despite Walid suffering from chronic lung disease. 

Additionally, the Israeli regime denied Abu Daqqa permission to meet his family–his wife Sana and young daughter Milad–who was conceived in 2020 after Abu Daqqa managed to smuggle his sperm out of prison. This led to the occupation entity enforcing harsh penalties on him, which never allowed him to meet his daughter Milad. 

“The Israeli officers inside the prison told him they would not allow him to have a child, but he won by having Milad,” his wife said.

Walid was sentenced to life in 1986 for “resisting his occupiers by killing an Israeli soldier.”

Walid was revered for being able to acquire Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees whilst in prison, defying odds, and continuing to publish novels, articles and poems about the fight against the Israeli regime.

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