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Ireland’s Prime Minister resigns from Fine Gael Party a Day After Publicly Supporting Palestine in a St. Patrick’s Day Visit to the US

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has resigned from his post as the leader of the governing Fine Gael party a day after telling US President Bident that Ireland supports Palestine. 

The announcement took the masses by surprise with Varadkar further confirming that he will also “relinquish his role as prime minister as soon as a successor is chosen.”

“I am resigning the presidency and leadership of Fine Gael and will resign as taoiseach [prime minister] as soon as my successor is able to take up that office,” Varadkar said

“My reasons for stepping down now are personal and political, but mainly political,” he said.

“I have nothing else lined up, I have nothing in mind. I have no definite personal or political plans,” he added.

Varadkar was the youngest person to hold office when he was first elected as the prime minister and was the first prime minister of Ireland who self-identified as a homosexual. Additionally, Varadkar was also Ireland’s first bi-racial prime minister with an Irish mother and an Indian father. 

The Irish-Indian leader was known to play a pivotal role to legalize same-sex marriage in Ireland which was approved in 2015, and to see off a ban on abortion when he legalized abortion in 2018.

Varadkar’s announcement comes shortly after his visit from Washington where he met President Joe Biden as well as other political leaders in honor of St. Patrik’s Day where the Irish prime minister supported Palestine by saying, ‘We see our history in the eyes of the Palestinians, a story of displacement, deprivation, a denied national identity, forced migration, discrimination, and now hunger.”

The US-backed Israeli ongoing onslaught in Gaza has now killed more than 31,819 people, mostly women and children, since Oct. 7, 2023, while injuring over 70,000 Palestinians. More than 7,000 people are said to be trapped under the rubble due to the relentless bombardment of the Israeli regime which has destroyed several rescue equipment and even ambulances. 

Further, the occupation entity has imposed a crippling blockade in Gaza, heavily restricting the flow of humanitarian and medical aid into the Palestinian territory, pushing all of its 2.2 million people to the brink of famine while internally displacing almost all of Gaza’s population.

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