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Iraqi Resistance Strikes “Tel Aviv” Airport in Solidarity with Palestine

The Iraqi Islamic Resistance attacked Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, in solidarity with Palestine following the “Israeli” regime’s ongoing war and siege on Gaza.

In a statement on Monday, Mar. 12, 2024, the Iraqi Resistance revealed that it targeted the airport with drones. 

This action is described as part of the “second phase of resistance operations against occupation, in solidarity with our people in Gaza, and response to Zionist massacres against innocent Palestinian civilians,” the Iraqi resistance said in a statement. 

The Iraqi resistance has shown unwavering support for Gaza since Oct. 7, 2023 the day that marked the start of the Israeli regime’s onslaught on Gaza. The group has carried out several attacks on US bases in both Iraq and Syria following the US-backed Israeli war. Additionally, they have attacked many Israeli targets as well. 

According to one source, “Islamic resistance operations in Iraq against the Zionist entity will escalate in the coming days.”

Two hours after Iraqi factions claimed responsibility for using a drone to target Ben Gurion Airport, the Jordanian Armed Forces had discovered parts of a drone in an area in the Irbid province. 

An Iraqi security official from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior in Baghdad stated that “The presumed trajectory for targeting Ben Gurion Airport is over Jordanian airspace as it is shorter, so it could be the same drone.” 

Iraqi security expert and former army colonel Saad Al-Lami told the website, “It is important to note “Israel’s” concern about the expansion of Iraqi factions’ attacks using drones. Therefore, the repetition of announcing the launch of explosive-laden drones toward Palestinian territories will be another pressure tactic on the occupation government.”  

According to Iraqi security expert and former army Colonel Al-Lami, it is important to know if Jordan intercepted and shot down the drone as it passed through the Jordanian airspace or if it simply crashed. 

Despite repeatedly calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and providing limited aid to the besieged strip, Jordan joined hands with the kingdom’s fellow gulf countries, who together, secured a land route for goods to reach the Israeli regime in the wake of Yemen’s pro-Palestine maritime war halting goods entering “Israel.”

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