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Iraqi Parliament Member Says Media Framing of US Attacks on Iraq as Iranian Targets is Fake News

An Iraqi member of Parliament, Mustafa Sanad, has stated that the US attacks on Iraq in a quest to combat Iran-backed armed factions is “fake news.”

“Whenever news from the White House claims that US airstrikes are directed against Iranian-backed armed factions that targeted US bases in the region, and that these airstrikes are effective, be sure they are fake news,” Sanad said.

“All of the strikes are aimed at Iraqi national forces associated with the Popular Mobilization Forces, an official government entity,” he added.

“These strikes have no negative impact on the resistance factions, but rather on the Iraqi people, who hold the Popular Mobilization Forces in high regard. Drone attacks against US bases continue, and US airstrikes are ineffective at deterring them,” he said, referring to the US airstrikes that killed 16 civilians and wounded 25.

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