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Iraq Sends 10 Million Liters of Fuel to Gaza Strip through Suez Canal

The Iraqi government has announced that it has dispatched a fuel tanker to Egypt in a quest to aid the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Ziidan Khalaf Obaid, advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq on Human Rights, has confirmed that an Iraqi tanker holding 10 million liters of fuel has already left the port of Basra and is on the way to Egypt’s Suez Canal to help the Palestinians in Gaza. 

Khalaf further stated that the Iraqi government is gearing to ship further relief cargo in the future. 

Humanitarian organizations in Gaza have reported dire warnings of hospitals grappling to function due to severe fuel supply shortages, effectively blocked by the Israeli Regime. 

Despite Israeli authorities claiming that they allowed enough fuel into Gaza, reports suggest that shortages still exist. 

The Israeli authorities blamed the Palestinian Resistance for deliberately seizing and hiding fuel to cause a humanitarian crisis. The Resistance has denied such accusations and stated that the Israeli restrictions are the main cause for insufficient fuel. 

The death toll in Gaza has now exceeded 20,000 Palestinians since Oct. 7, 2023.

While neighboring Saudi Arabia holds the second World’s largest oil reserves, the KIngdom has done little to nothing to aid the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

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