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Iran’s Supreme Leader Says Shia Muslims Have Supported Palestine Long Before October 7

In the wake of Tehran’s declaration for backing the truce in Gaza, Iran’s supreme leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has emphasized that the Palestinian Resistance’s surprise attack on the Gaza Strip has “collapsed sectarian and ethnic dichotomies which have divided the region.” He has also simultaneously called out on Muslim countries to cease, instead of maintaining ties, with the Israeli regime.

He further stated that “Some in the world, when speaking about the Islamic Republic’s views on the region, are lying when they claim that Iran says all Jews or Zionists should be thrown into the sea. No, these are things stated by some among the Arabs in the past. We never said this. We don’t throw anyone into the sea.”

Grand Ayatollah Khamenei then added, “We say…that a government that is established upon a popular vote in Palestine will make a decision about the people who are there and who have come from other countries, and it may be that it says that all should remain in Palestine.”

Grand Ayatollah Khamenei then added that “the [African] natives resisted and became victorious in upending the English [rule]” but nonetheless “kept the English in their countries because they saw it as expedient.”

Grand Ayatollah Khamenei then mentioned that  “fake and imposed dichotomies” pitting Arabs versus non-Arabs and Shiites against Sunnis have collapsed amid the Gaza war.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader said that Shiite Muslims have supported Palestine “the most,” but that “instead of these imposed dualities,” a new dominant dichotomy has emerged, one of “resistance versus submission.”

This comes after Tehran’ Foreign Ministry confirmed that Iran has been “pushing for a lasting ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani further said Iran’s “demand and expectation” is for Israel’s “crimes against the people of Gaza to stop completely.”

The ministry spokesman even confirmed  that Iran “is in talks with parties in the region” and that “one of the goals of the negotiations” is to turn the pause in fighting into a “sustainable” ceasefire.

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