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Iran Deploys Two Cruise Missiles and a Suicide Drone Near Indian Ocean

Amid tensions in the region, Iran’s IRIN (navy) deployed two new domestic cruise missiles and a new suicide drone called ‘Shahin’ at a naval base near the Indian Ocean.

The Iranian navy also inducted several advanced weaponry and groundbreaking equipment, which includes strategic cruise missile systems and electronic warfare-capable helicopters. 

The unveiling ceremony took place on Dec. 24 and was held at a coastal naval base in southern Iran and attended by the country’s Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, a significant shift in Iran’s maritime defense posture. 

The strategic cruise missile system, formerly known as ‘Abu Mahdi’ is reportedly capable of striking targets of over a 1000 kilometers and is able to alter its trajectory mid-flight, further enabling it to catch adversaries “off guard.” 

The other cruise misslie named ‘’Nasir’’ can exceed 100 kilometers and is said to possess ‘exceptional destructive power’ which is expected to boost the Navy’s ability to halt potential threats.

The ‘Sanjar’ drone was a few among other powerful weaponry launched which is capable of autonomously searching and even engaging targets with sharp precision.

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