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Iran and Pakistan Cement Ties after President Raisi’s Visit to Islamabad

Pakistan and Iran have signed a historic deal which seeks to enhance cooperation in various fields such as trade, science, technology, health, culture, and judicial matters. 

Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and Iranian President Raisi unanimously witnessed the events with both sides signing the documents. 

The deal came in the wake of President Ebrahim Raisi’s two-day visit to Islamabad.

“Pakistan and Iran on Monday signed a total of eight accords on varying subjects to enhance cooperation in the different fields including trade, science technology, agriculture, health, culture, and judicial matters,” the Associated Press Of Pakistan reported.

This also includes the establishment of the Rimdan-Gbad Joint Free/Special Zone, which seeks to increase security cooperation, judicial assistance agreements in civil and commercial matters and cultural exchange. 

The two Majority-Muslim countries agree on “joint efforts to eradicate terrorism.”

“Iran and Pakistan have common positions to fight terrorism, and they are determined to fight organized crime, drugs, and insecurity,” Raisi said during a press conference. “In short, supporting human rights is the focus of cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad at the bilateral, regional, and international levels.”

Raisi cited that the cooperation between Islamabad and Tehran “may not appeal to some, and this does not concern us, but the important thing is the continuation and promotion of [our] cooperation.”

The Iranian President then confirmed that the two nations will raise their economic relations by $10 billion in the first wave.

“The level of economic and commercial relations between the two countries is not acceptable,” the Islamic Republic’s president stated. “Therefore, we decided that the level of commercial and economic relations between the two countries will increase to 10 billion dollars in the initial phase.”

Both Presidents then highlighted the growing humanitarian crises in Gaza caused by the Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught in the Palestinian territory, to which Sharif said, “the two countries denounced this genocide with one voice.”

“Iran has taken a strong and principled position on the Gaza Strip,” Sharif said in praise.

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