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Colorado Man Risks His Life to Save A Woman and Baby from Burning Car

A  Northern Colorado man is being hailed a hero for risking his life by trying to pull a woman and her baby from a burning car after the vehicle was set ablaze along Highway 82 near Carbondale. 

Alec Larson, a former volunteer firefighter, was one of the many good Samaritans who jumped to the rescue of the mother and baby just moments before it exploded.

“I lost my daughter five years ago to some circumstances that I couldn’t control. Being a parent and losing a child all at once, I get that. There was a child involved and mom, it definitely took me for a roller coaster for a while,” said Larson.

“It all just comes down to, in a time like that, when you find people at their most vulnerable state, it doesn’t take a whole lot to step in and try to do something,” he added. 

In a span of three minutes, Larson grabbed a pair of scissors from his work truck and bolted towards the crashed car. He pulled a woman out and then realized there was a baby in the back seat too. 

Larson then confirmed that both the woman and her baby are doing well.

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