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China and Russia Strike a Deal with Yemen’s Armed Forces for Safe Passage in the Red Sea

China and Russia have unanimously struck a deal with the Yemeni Armed forces, which will allow the two superpower countries a safe passage of their ships in the Red Sea in the wake of Yemen’s pro-time maritime war against the “Israeli” regime.

According to western media sources, the agreement will also provide support to Yemen’s Ansarullah group within the United Nations Security Council and other international bodies. 

However, representatives from China, Russia and the Ansarullah are yet to comment on the report. 

Back in November 2023, the Yemeni armed forces had announced that all ships bound to the “Israeli” regime will not pass through the Red Sea until food and medicine, which is heavily restricted by the occupation entity, is allowed into Gaza. 

This has resulted in several giant companies such as BP and Maersk to halt all shipments to “Israel,” and in the process, affected the regime’s economy. 

On March 14, the Yemeni Armed Forces further tightened their grip in the oceans and even vowed to prevent “Israeli”-linked ships from crossing the Indian Ocean to the Cape of Good Hope, which was a reroute option for the “Israeli” linked ships barred from passing through the Red Sea. 

The US and UK combined pro-Israeli retaliatory attacks have further intensified Yemen’s pro-Palestine war, causing global disruption and raising shipping costs.

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