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Benjamin Netanyahu Mourns Iranian Rioters on Twitter Page

Benjamin Netanyahu sympathized on his Twitter account with the deaths of Mohammad Mahdi Karami and Mohammad Hosseini executed in Iran on January 7, 2023. But who were the two men, and why were they executed?

The two men were found guilty of killing an unarmed young basiji Ruhollah Ajamian on November 3, 2022.

During a gathering for the fortieth of Hadis Najafi, a girl suspiciously killed in the recent unrest in Iran, a group of protestors attacked 26-year-old Ruhollah Ajamian because he was wearing a basij uniform. Around forty men hit Ruhollah with rocks, machetes, and knives and kicked him multiple times, resulting in his death.

Sixteen people were arrested in connection to the murder of Ajamian. Footage of the incident, confessions of those arrested, and recounts of eyewitnesses present at the scene were used by the court to determine the exact circumstances and murderers of Ajamian.

The court found Karami and Hosseini as the principal offenders in this case. Karami gave a detailed description of his involvement in the crime. Mohammad Hosseini then arrived at the scene and stabbed Ajamian three times. He then died shortly afterward.

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  • Fiza Raza
  • Zainab Rights

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