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Muslims Around the World Celebrate Mothers Day in Honor of Fatima’s Birth

Muslims across the world are celebrating Mother’s Day in honor of the birth anniversary of Fatima, the daughter of the Holy Prophet. Several communities have also marked this auspicious date as Women’s Day to honor Fatima’s piety, kindness, and bravery.

Creative and thought-provoking sessions have united one and all in Michigan, USA such as raffle draws, bouquets for a moms event, community feasts, crown making for young girls, a fruitful discussion on the legacy of Lady Fatima, and even an informal session for women with renowned guest speakers.

Smaller cities like Bujumbura, Africa, are hosting an appreciation award ceremony and cake cutting ceremony as the Lady of Light celebration. Neighboring community in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, had a lineup of events such as game nights, a campaign on ‘What Would Fatimah Do’ bringing daily challenges to life and finding solutions from her life, as well as events with plays on motherhood and melodious recitations filling the atmosphere with festivities.

Young Muslim children have also been photographed around the world, gifting their mothers a rose or kissing their hands, a thoughtful gesture from their fathers to appreciate the efforts of the mother.

Several women have described to TMJ News what this day means to them. Zahra Champsi from Toronto, Canada said the celebrations remind her to “draw from the strength, courage and flawlessness of Lady Fatima (as) who is our spiritual mother, and to teach my children of her importance.” She added, “today is a very happy day where we celebrate and honor the greatest woman in our history.”

Saima Jafri, a resident of Ohio who frequently visits Dearborn, Michigan, says that the day is a special one for her. “While giving me the gift, my husband announces ‘Happy Mothers Day and birth of Syeda Fatima Mubarak’ in front of the kids and gives me a gift,” she said.

Sameera Yusufali, who lives in Orlando, Florida, says that “Lady Fatima has been my role model even before I knew what that word really meant.” She added, “Today, I celebrate her birthday by giving a smile and a kind word to every woman I meet.”

Shane Zehra Karim from Mombasa, Kenya, said that ‘celebrating the birthday of Lady Fatima (as) is reminding all women around the world that we are privileged to find shelter under the umbrella of the Lady of Light, for she reminds us that we are strong and capable to help the awaited Leader of our time.”

Chairlady of the Dar es Salaam KSIJ community, Fatim Somji, also said ‘As a community, our aim is to raise awareness on the immaculate personality of Lady Fatima (a). Through our programs, we wish to show the world the high status of a woman in Islam.”

While Mother’s Day in Muslim communities is celebrated on her birth anniversary, it is encouraged as a usual celebration as the faith places the mother as the loftiest role in a family and society. Islam values mothers as key figures in the life of a child and the driving force towards forming a better world through righteous child rearing. The saying ‘heaven lies under the feet of a mother’ is a famous quote from the Holy Prophet (S) himself.

According to Risalatul Huqooq, a book on the treatise of rights written by Ali Zain Al Abedin, the great grandson of the Holy Prophet, the rights of a mother are heavily stressed upon with each aspect of a mother’s life being written in great detail.

The excerpt states ‘The right of your mother is that you know that she carried you where no one carries anyone, she gave to you the fruit of her heart that which no one gives to anyone, and she protected you with all her organs. She did not care if she went hungry as long as you ate, if she was thirsty as long as you drank, if she was naked as long as you were clothed, if she was in the sun as long as you were in the shade. She gave up sleep for your sake, she protected you from heat and cold, all in order that you might belong to her. You will not be able to show her gratitude unless through God’s help and giving success.”

Known as the mother of her father and mother of the believers, Lady Fatima was the only daughter of the Prophet Muhammed (S) and Lady Khadija. As a child, she was forced to grow up under harsh conditions. Scarcity of food was rampant due to the sanctions laid against her father and his comrades in the city of Mecca by the aristocrats who were against the prophetic mission of Muhammed, according to historians. They lived in the shelter of Abu Talib, uncle and right hand of her father. Her mother, Khadija, once the wealthiest woman in Arabia, spent all her wealth in feeding the people.

The boycott against the Prophet (S) lasted for three years. Fatima lost her own mother at the tender age of 5, which was when she stood by the Holy Prophet (saw) through the trials. Despite being young, she would pick up the sticks of fire that the enemies laid on the path of the Prophet (S) and would gently tend to his wounds. Even at such a young age, she was her father’s sole supporter through his most trying years and, hence, earned the title Umm Abiha (the mother of her father). Onlookers and historians wrote of her qualities of patience, courage, and perseverance.

The book of narrations also stated how Aisha, one of the wives of Prophet Mohamed once said ” I didn’t see a person more similar to the Prophet, than Fatimah who looked like him in appearance, faced brightness, behavior, and manners. When Fatimah came to see the Prophet, he got to his feet and advanced towards her enthusiastically.”

She later married Ali Bin Abi Talib, cousin and greatest supporter of her father, the Holy Prophet (S). Fatima’s generosity has been well documented in historical narrations; her modest home consisted of the most basic necessities, and despite having little, she gifted her wedding dress to a beggar on the night of her wedding.

Historians reported how she bravely carried water for the warriors during the battle of Uhud a few months after her wedding. She was unnerved by the showers of arrows and even nursed the wounds of her husband and father. The way she was raised and raised her own children, evident in the leadership of her lineage who saved Islam under brutal occupations as well furthered the sciences and philosophy, have been the subject of countless books, lectures and curriculum today.

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