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Ben Gvir Threatens to Dissolve Israeli Cabinet if Gaza Bombing Stops

The Israeli Regime’s national security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, has allegedly threatened to dismiss the Israeli Regime’s entire administration if the aggression against the Gaza Strip stops.

Ben Gvir took to X, stating, “Stopping the war = dissolution of the government.”

The far-right minister’s threatening post collided with a talk about a “possible new agreement for a long-term humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip.”

Israeli Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, also visibly agitated by a potential truce, said on X that “a ceasefire in exchange for returning all prisoners of war held in Gaza is “a plan to eliminate the State of Israel.”

Smotrich’s comments came as a response to a post on X by Arab Affairs commentator on Army Radio, Jacky Hugi, who wrote: “A proposal will soon be presented to the Israeli government and Israeli society: the release of all the abductees, including the soldiers – in exchange for an end to the war.”

The onslaught by the Israeli Regime on the besieged Gaza Strip has killed over 16,000 Palestinians, while other sources quote a staggering 20,000, most of them women and children. This toll was based on pre-truce numbers. The numbers are likely much higher now. 

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