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American Jews Revolt Against AIPAC for Meddling in US Elections

A number of prominent Jewish Americans hailing from different backgrounds have unanimously opposed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for its “unprecedented and damaging role in the US elections, especially within Democratic Party primaries.”

Among the signatories of the letter include Rabbi Alissa Wise, lead organizer, Rabbis for Ceasefire; philanthropist Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s; Beth Miller, political director, Jewish Voice for Peace; Elliott Gould; Peter Beinart, Editor-at-Large, Jewish Currents, author and journalism professor; and Suzanne Gordon, journalist and author.

In the open letter, concerns that AIPAC’s meddling in electoral politics that seek to silence critics of the “Israeli” government were raised.

“Given that Israel is so isolated internationally that it could not continue its inhumane treatment of the Palestinians without US political and military support,” said the signatories of the letter, “AIPAC is an essential link in the chain that holds in place the unbearable tragedy of Israel/Palestine. In the coming US elections, we need to break that chain in order to help free the people of Israel/Palestine to pursue peaceful coexistence.”

The signatories further discussed how AIPAC’s network raised millions of dollars from Trump donors and splurged the money against progressives in Democratic primaries, “mostly candidates of color and other ethnic minorities.”

“AIPAC is now vowing to spend even more millions in the 2024 Democratic primaries, targeting specific Democrats in Congress — initially all legislators of color — who’ve advocated for a Gaza ceasefire, a position supported by the vast majority of Democratic voters,” the letter read. “AIPAC’s election spending increasingly works to defeat candidates who criticize Israel’s racist policies.”

The Jewish Americans behind the letter concluded by stating “Therefore, we strongly oppose AIPAC’s attempts to dominate Democratic primary elections. We call on Democratic candidates not to accept AIPAC network funding, and demand that the Democratic leadership not allow Republican funders to use that network to deform Democratic primary elections. We will support candidates who are opposed by AIPAC, and who are advocates for peace and a new, just US policy toward Israel/Palestine.”

According to experts, the open letter highlights a poignant shift in the attitudes of several Jewish Americans towards AIPAC and its growing influence on US politics, particularly within the Democratic Party.

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