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Activist Nerdeen Kiswani Arrested at Palestine Protest a Day After Report Against NYPD is Published

On January 26th, the NYPD arrested Within Our Lifetime’s (WOL) chair, Nerdeen Kiswani. 

WOL, a Palestinian-led community organization based in NYC, was leading a protest in Midtown Manhattan denouncing AIPAC, Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit, & other “friends of the IDF.” The NYPD arrested multiple protestors alongside Kiswani, claiming that there wasn’t a sound permit. The crackdown has also specifically been towards protestors who have microphones or drums. 

The arrest of WOL’s chair comes a day after the organization published a detailed report titled, “The Crackdown on Palestine: Unveiling NYPD’s Repression Tactics.” The report covered the NYPD’s attempts to suppress Palestinian protests specifically focusing on police harassment since October 7th, 2023. Since the report has been released, protestors and organizers have noted an increase in NYPD presence and the use of violent tactics.

Kiswani was released three hours later, with protestors mobilizing outside the police station. 

Just a day later, she was leading a protest outside the AirTrain station. She said, “They want to pretend that using this is reason to get arrested is nothing short of telling us, ‘You need to shut the hell up. You can’t talk about this genocide.’ They will force us to fund this genocide laying down, and they won’t even allow us to speak about it.”

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