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22,000 Fake Moroccan Accounts Created to Support Israel

An investigation by Ekaad has revealed that a large network of Moroccan-linked social media accounts, that unabashedly advocate for Israel, are actually automated programs and not real people.

The accounts have been rejecting the death toll in Occupied Palestine with over 8,000 people killed since October 7, 2023.

The accounts primarily operate on Facebook and YouTube where they continuously post pro-Israeli messages.  

Ekaad revealed that a staggering 22,000 of such accounts are likely fake. They try to emulate Moroccan identities but the tweets are usually typed in flawed Arabic. The accounts, however, are craftily curated with attention to detail which make them seem credible, according to the investigation. 

A fake account surfaced with the name David Levy and a bio that stated the user was a researcher, university professor, writer, and political analyst with an extensive list of research publications. 

Upon further examination, it was found that Devy Levy was in fact not a real person and the profile image was AI generated. The profile image traced back to a photo from Pinterest.

Certain activities, such as “repeatedly using the same phrases, copying emojis in a systematic way, interacting with specific accounts in a uniform manner, and even changing their location settings to Morocco” further proved that the accounts were robotic.

The findings heavily emphasize that they are part of a combined effort to create a narrative of “Morocco supporting Israel.”

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