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Yemen Armed Forces Attack Six US-UK Ships in the Red Sea Amid Pro-Palestine Maritime War

The Yemeni Armed Forces revealed they had achieved six attacks on ships with drones and missiles in a span of 72 hours in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, as part of Ansarullah’s ongoing pro-Palestine maritime war.

The Yemeni Armed Forces attacked the “Maersk Saratoga,” “APL Detroit,” and the “Huang Pu” after identifying them as either US or British. The “Pretty Lady,” which was allegedly heading to the “Israeli” regime, was also attacked in the wake of the US-UK combined pro-Israeli retaliatory attacks against Yemen on ground and on Yemen’s territorial waters. 

According to Ansarullah’s spokesperson Yahya Saree, the group also attacked two US destroyers in the Red Sea and in the occupation entity’s city of Eilat.  

The Yemeni Armed Forces’ have allegedly escalated their drone and missile campaign against commercial shipping due to the retaliatory attacks by the US and the UK, vowing to continue fighting in the Red sea until the US-backed Israeli war on Gaza comes to a complete halt.

The “Israeli” regime has now kill.ed more than 32,000 people in Gaza since Oct. 7, 2023, while imposing a crippling blockade across the Palestinian territory, pushing almost all of Gaza’s 2.2 million people to starvation and internal displacement. 

Additionally, medical aid is severely limited resulting in collapsing healthcare conditions for the more than 70,000 wounded and an increase in preventable deaths.

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