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Vladimir Putin Elected as Russia’s President, Wins Elections by Landslide

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has once again strengthened his grip on the reins of his country, winning the presidential elections by a landslide.

“No matter who or how much they want to intimidate us, no matter who or how much they want to suppress us, our will, our consciousness – no one has ever succeeded in anything like this in history,” Putin said.

“It has not worked now and will not work in the future. Never.”

A few hours after the last polls closed on Sunday March 17, early returns indicated the conclusion that Putin will extend his rule for six more years. 

According to Russia’s Central Election Commission, Putin garnered 87% of the votes. The 71 year old Russian leader will now overtake Joseph Stalin and secure the post of becoming Russia’s longest-serving leader in more than 200 years. 

Unsurprisingly, the US claimed that the votes in Russia were “neither free nor fair.”

“The elections are obviously not free nor fair given how Mr. Putin has imprisoned political opponents and prevented others from running against him,” said the White House’s National Security Council spokesperson.

In Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also voiced similar concerns as his western allies, saying “This election fraud has no legitimacy and cannot have any.”

Vladimir Putin was first nominated as acting president when former Russian President Boris Yeltsin resigned. He then won the votes and became President in March 2000 and for a second term in 2004.

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