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US Vetoes a Ceasefire in Gaza for the Third time

Several countries have unanimously condemned the US for once again vetoing a UN Security Council draft resolution by Algeria which called for a temporary ceasefire in Gaza. 

Despite 13 other members of the Security Council supporting a temporary ceasefire, the US refused to vote in favor while the UK abstained. 

This is the third time the US had vetoed a call for a ceasefire in Gaza since Oct.7, sparking global outrage. 

Washington had previously vetoed an amendment proposed by Russia, which called for a ceasefire in December 2023, and a previous resolution in October 2023, calling for humanitarian pauses. 

Algeria condemned the US decision as “approval of starvation as a means of war” in the wake of reports of severe hunger among the majority of Palestinians in Gaza. 

Its ambassador to the UN, Amar Bendjama stated, “All those impeding such calls should review their policies and their calculations because wrong decisions today will have a cost on our region and our world tomorrow. And this cost will be violence and instability.”

China and Russia also criticized the decision made by the US which could have saved the lives of tens of thousands of Palestinians. 

Vasily Nebenzia, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, labeled the veto as “yet another dark chapter in the history of the Security Council.”

While the UK abstained, France voted in favor of the resolution, and claimed to continue pushing for a ceasefire and the return of Israeli hostages held by the Palestinian resistance. 

Norway also expressed regret for failing to adopt a resolution, with its envoy also posted on X saying: “It is imperative to end the horror in Gaza.”

The Israeli regime has now killed more than 28,000 people, mostly women and children, while heavily restricting the flow of medical and humanitarian aid into Gaza.

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