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US Police Arrest More than 300 Pro-Palestine Jews in New York While they Observed the Seder

Following recent massive arrests of Pro-Palestinians across the US, police have arrested hundreds of Jewish pro-Palestine demonstrators in New York, shutting down a huge thoroughfare to pray for a ceasefire in Gaza and to pressure Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, to end US military aid to Israel.

Around 300 arrests took place on Tuesday April 23, at Grand Army Plaza, on the doorstep of Schumer’s residence, where thousands of majority Jewish demonstrators gathered for the seder, which is a ritual that marks the second night of the holiday marked as a festival of freedom for Jews across the globe. 

The seder came shortly before the US passed a $26bn military package for the Israeli regime. 

“We as American Jews will not be used, we will not be complicit and we will not be silent. Judaism is a beautiful, thousands-year-old tradition, and Israel is a 76-year-old colonial apartheid state,” Morgan Bassichis, an organizer with Jewish Voice for Peace, told the crowd.

“This is the Passover that we take our exodus from Zionism. Not in our name. Let Gaza live.”

Among the arrested were journalist and author Naomi Klein, Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour, and a number of Jewish students suspended from Columbia University and Barnard College, over massive encampment protests that have taken the country by a storm in recent days. 

One protester, a 31-year-old Jewish woman who requested to remain anonymous said: “Passover is about liberation. In our family, Palestinians have always been part of our celebration and mourning. The call for liberation is more important now than ever… As Americans, the billions of our tax dollars in the Israeli military bill is outrageous and horrifying.”

The US-Backed Israeli onslaught in Gaza has now killed more than 34,000 Palestinians since Oct. 7 2023, mostly women and children, while imposing a crippling blockade across the strip, pushing all of Gaza’s 2.2 million people to the brink of famine.

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