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US High School Class Solves 35-Year-Old Redhead Murders Cold Case

A class of high schoolers in the US solved a complex 35-year old cold case of the Redhead Murders in Tennessee and surrounding states. 

This commenced at Elizabethton High School in Tennessee, where teacher Alex Campell carried out a rather unorthodox sociology assignment.

Through retrieving the old case files and researching on 6 of the 11 victims murdered between 1983 and 1985, the students used personal details of the case such as the character of the victims, the places they were found, their age, and occupations, in a quest to understand what would the murderer’s demographic details be like. 

They alleged that he was possibly a white male with long hair, between 30 and 40 years of age, and a truck driver. 

The students’ work led to a press conference, which was attended by 60 people from law enforcement, local media, and community members, where findings were presented by the students. 

Suddenly, police departments in the state began receiving a number of tips from people who claimed to possibly know the killer’s identity. Further investigations then resulted in a breakthrough when DNA evidence was revisited, confirming the killer’s identity. 

Jerry Leon Johns, who died in 2015 while imprisoned at the age of 67, was convicted for the attempted murder of Linda Schacke. Six other victims of similar profile to the five confirmed ones, are believed to be associated with John’s murder spree which took place in a span of 14 years between 1978-1992.

Families of the killed women, most of whom worked in the adult entertainment sector, expressed their gratitude to the class and their teacher for bringing closure to the tragedies that they went through.

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