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US Coalition Including Canada Declare Maritime War on Yemen Armed Forces in the Red Sea

Following the United States declaration of a new multinational maritime security force to tackle the Yemen Armed Forces causing ships to re-route from Israeli occupation territory, the leader of the Ansarullah movement has warned the US against attacking Yemen, stating that American battleships and vessels would be classified as a target for Yemeni missiles “in the event of any attack.”

In a speech on Dec 20th, the leader of Ansarullah Sayed Al Ho-uthi added that “If the United States is considering targeting Yemen, we will not stand idly by,” adding that engaging in a direct war with the US and “Israel”, instead of US’ proxies, is what they aspire for the most.

The ten nations that will be forming a naval force include the US, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles, Spain, and Bahrain. They are set to share maritime intelligence in the region and conduct joint patrols.

Yemen’s resistance leader has also warned Arab countries not to get involved with the US. He then expressed that, “if America wants to fight Yemen’s stance in support of Palestine, then it would have to confront the entire Yemeni people,” adding that “if that is what America wants, then it will face a harsher situation than that it faced in Afghanistan and Vietnam.”

Sayed al-Hou-thi has also particularly warned Washington against launching any strikes, assuring that Yemen has “developed its capabilities on many levels.”

The leader then confirmed that European vessels that do not have Israeli ports as their final destination will not be targeted, further clearing their motive in waging a maritime war solely for Occupied Palestine.

He then addressed the people of the Gaza Strip saying that “You are not alone, and our Yemeni people are by your side to the fullest extent and will never hesitate to support you.”

He added, “The Axis of Resistance is [also] at your side, and the peoples of the world are voicing their opposition to the oppression you are subjected to,” he added, referring to the axis groups that include Iran and the Lebanese Resistance. “Have faith that God shall bestow victory after your patience, steadfastness, and oppression,” he added, saying that the most important thing for the world to strive for “is to stop the aggression on Gaza.”

Sayed Al-Hout-hi then ended his speech by reaffirming the country’s solidarity with the Palestinian people saying, “we seek to employ our utmost capabilities in support of the Palestinian people.”

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