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US Begins Slow Delivery of Aid via Pier to Gaza, Israel a Major Obstacle

In the wake of a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza caused by the US-backed Israeli war, a slow paced delivery of aid has begun taking place at the temporary pier built by the US.

Fogbow claimed that it had anticipated there would be large-scale donations of food, medicine and other supplies mounting up at a port in Cyprus, where aid was expected to be “staged and screened” by the Israeli forces before being shipped to the Gaza coast via a US-built pier.

When that aid did not “materialize,” Fogbow officials sought help from a number of local flour mills in Cyprus, and purchased around 2.5 million pounds of flour that it now wants to ship in early June. 

A private humanitarian group coupled with former military and intelligence officials “stumbled upon a surprising hurdle” to assist the US government speed up the supplies process to Palestine by boat. 

The already severely limited flow of aid was further strained in the last few weeks, with little to no aid ready to move. 

“It’s not the capacity of JLOTs,” said Mick Mulroy, a former assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East and Fogbow co-founder. “It’s that there’s not enough aid” to move, he said.

Two months after Biden announced his “vision” of the floating pier of Gaza, which he assumed would allow for roughly 2 million meals delivered per day, the $320 million project struggled with bad weather and hindrance from the Israeli regime over the pretext of “security.”

Despite all of Gaza currently facing increasing levels of starvation, with the entire population pushed to the brink of famine, the U.S. also announced it was suspending food distribution in Rafah this week “due to lack of supplies.”

The United Nations World Food Program has warned that the US-funded pier may fail unless “Israel starts ensuring the conditions the humanitarian groups need to operate safely.”

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