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University of Nevada Shooter Kills 3, Raises US Mass Shooting Total for Year 2023 to 80

A UNLV gunman has killed three faculty members at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas after being rejected from campus jobs.

The 67-year old college professor Anthony Polito fatally shot three people who allegedly kept a “target list” of faculty at the school and elsewhere, according to authorities.

Investigators then discovered ammunition at Anthony Polito’s apartment, and an eviction note. They even identified nearly two dozen letters he mailed out, hours before the shooting. 

Polito was shot and killed by police on Wednesday December 6, shortly after his attack.

The act of terror on Wednesday raised the number of shootings in the US to 80 this year alone. 29 of the shootings were at university and college campuses.

However, none of the members killed were mentioned in Polito’s “target list” which was composed of “people he was seeking on the university campus” as well as faculty from Eastern Carolina University.

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