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Spain to Triple Aid to Gaza When More than 12 Countries including US Halted Funds to UNRWA

Spain has refused to halt funds to UNRWA following the Israeli regime’s accusations that a few members of the UN Palestinian aid fund took part in the Al-Aqsa flood operation. More than 12 countries cut funds to the starving and besieged Palestinian people, but Spain renewed its commitment to continue contributing towards UNRWA, three-fold. 

“We will not modify our relationship with UNRWA although we are closely monitoring the internal investigation and the results it may yield due to the actions of a dozen of the around 30,000 people who work for this UN agency,’ Albares said in the Foreign Affairs Commission in the Congress of Deputies.

Spain’s 2023 contribution to UNRWA totaled €18.5 million, including €10 million, which was approved in December 2023.

The decision came in the wake of the government’s resolution to triple its cooperation and humanitarian aid to Palestine.

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