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Saudi Bombs Yemen and Helps the US Break Maritime Siege Imposed by Ansarallah on Israeli Ships

Saudi Arabia has bombed Yemen at Baqim city in the northeast of Yemen’s Saada province. This comes months after the Kingdom officially announced the end of an 8 year US-backed Saudi war on Yemen that claimed the lives of more than 300,000 people. 

According to some sources, the US is secretly considering a fuller engagement in Yemen following the country’s pro-Palestine maritime war in the Red Sea that is leading to staggering losses across the globe and particularly in the Israeli regime. 

This comes in the wake of Saudi Arabia and Jordan reportedly assisting the Israeli occupation entity through breaking the siege imposed by the Yemeni Armed Forces on Israel and Israel bound ships in the red sea. 

While most ships headed to the occupation entity were compelled to circle Africa for reaching “Israel,” Israeli shipping companies apparently unload their cargo in the ports of Bahrain and Dubai and then loaded on Saudi Arabian trucks and then taken to the Israeli regime via the Jordanian border.

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